~God make wonders~

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Brunel International Scholarship. The reason I could be here in Brunel for my Masters. I can never be any more grateful. God has definitely looked after me well.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Food = Love?!

As a food lover, I can't agree more to the phrase above. Can you?! =D

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Venturing around EU

Now what do you know. After completing numerous California-Nevada-Arizona run a couple years ago while studying in the States, now, I've got the opportunity to complete the European Express Collection. That much closer to seeing the whole world.

After having completed the final examination in May (now to pray I'd pass those papers), my parents took the liberty of letting me tag along in their little European tour. I know right, "LUCKY ME!! YAY!!" What can I say besides I'm a very very blessed person. So after spending a week in Scotland, half of which I've spent counting the number of Lochs in the Scottish Highlands (I swear there are more Lochs in Scotland than there are shopping malls!! =.=" and in case you are wondering, NO, I DIDN'T SEE ANY LOCH NESS MONSTER!), I spent the next 2 weeks travelling all across Europe with my beloved parents and of course my all time favourite siblings!

Well, since it's the beginning of the 'oh-so-bright-and-warm' summer, we had an average of 28 degrees celcius daily throughout the whole 2 weeks! I'm not going to complain as it is 10 degrees hotter in Malaysia and 10 degrees colder here in London right now. 28 degrees sound just about right! Our 'AWESOME' itinerary was.. obviously awesome! =p

We started our AWESOME journey from London on a coach all the way to White Cliff Dover. You've gotta admire those Cliffs! Absolutely amazing! We boarded a ferry from the Dover and travelled across the channel to Calais in France. It was a sweet ride with duty free shopping, pubs and bars and of course my favourite Costa Coffee!! From Calais, we drove through the Belgium's Flanders fields and into Holland, the land of windmills, clogs and tulips!!! We drove into Amsterdam where we visited the Dam Square and the Mint Tower. Amsterdam is a very friendly city but I've to say, the whole city smells of cannabis! It was an experience being there but, I've to admit, I don't fancy the smell! lol~ We spent the night at Dorint Hotel, not very far from the city centre. 4 star hotel with awesome buffet spread!! Being deprived from good food in London, I, obviously ate like I've never ate before! (now, I've to work on losing those weights! sighz..)

We started our journey early in the morning at 7am! I was prepared for the early mornings (knowing that we were on an express tour) but still it was a struggle for a nocturnal creature like myself to wake up at 7 in the morning! We drove out of Amsterdam and into Germany. Our first stop was Cologne to see the largest gothic church in Europe, the Cologne Cathedral. It really was HUGEEEE!! But.. I still like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona more. =D After lunch, we left Cologne and left for Boppard. There we embarked on a scenic cruise down the River Rhine. Talk bout scenic!! The scenery, was not only beautiful, it was serene, it brought peace and tranquillity. We cruised pass vineyards and towering castles. C'est magnifique!! After our cruise, we drove into Ludwigshafen where we checked into our hotel (Europa Hotel). The hotel here wasn't too bad. It wasn't big but the service was good! 

Once again, we started our journey at 7am. We checked out of the hotel and drove to Munich. In Munich, we obviously went to check out the Glockenspiel in the Marienplatz, the Hofbrauhaus, and the Olympic Stadium. I also took the opportunity to check out the food market in Munich!! Awesome german food!! Schnitzels, sausages and plenty other yummylicious stuffs!! After our short raid of Munich, we headed on to the Austrian Tyrol and arrived in Innsbruck. Innsbruck is a very picturesque town!! Ski jumps, awesome building structures, lush green fields, cool mountain breeze.. Such a peaceful town with friendly townspeople, not to say cheap chocolates and shining svarovski crystals!! =D We spent a night in a cosy little hotel half way up the Alpine mountain. Small but warm and cosy, just the way I like it!

After a good night's rest, we set of for another exhilarating journey, from Austria into Italy. We drove pass the Brenner Pass (where we could enjoy the absolutely scenic view of the Alpines) right into Italy. First stop in Italy was Venice. Personally, I've been to Venice last winter with my cousins. I honestly am not awed by this place. I would very much prefer Vienna or Munich to Venice. However, there are still some nice places of interest in Venice. The St. Mark's basilica is of course a must see when we're in Venice and one of the activity I enjoyed most during my stay here was the murano glass blowing factory. Looking at those man made glass was definitely a treat!! It was fascinating looking at them make it and it was a privilege too! And of course, we spent time walking around venice discovering the little delights this little city has to offer.
*highlights of the day - met my dad's cousin and her newly wed husband in venice on their honeymoon!! what are the odds right!! At least it makes us feel better for missing her wedding.. =p*

DAY 5 - DAY 6
We travelled from Venice to Rome and spent 2 nights in Rome. Rome is one of my favourite! It is definitely a city with lots of history! We visited the St Peter's basilica where it featured all the magnificent art works. We toured across the Tiber in ancient Rome with views of the Forum and the Colosseum plus, we also ventured into the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. The art work in the Sistine Chapel done by Michelangelo was simply mind blowing!! I could've stayed in the chapel staring at the ceiling all day!! Such artistry, such patience and perseverance, such determination, such a talented man!! Rome is definitely a place not to be missed with it's incredible, wonderful and unmissable sights!!

We drove up north through Umbria into the countryside of Tuscany and into the renaissance city of Florence.  By the time we got to the city, we were only left with a little more than half a day to scout around. We explored the Piazza Signoria, the Duomo and Giotto's Bell Tower. Well, when you're in Florence, you wouldn't miss out shopping for leather goods now, would you?! =p Florence is a beautiful city with tonnes of shops, well, what can I say, it's probably half a heaven for women who loves shopping and enjoys renaissance/baroque style architecture!

DAY 8 - DAY 9
From Florence, we crossed the Apennines to the great northern plain and pass the city of Milan. We travelled up north into the Swiss border where we got to feast our eyes on the stunning sight of Lake Como. We continued travelling on the scenic St Gotthard route to the heart of Switzerland, Lake Lucerne! The landscape and the scenery in Switzerland was simply breathtaking! In Lucerne, we definitely admired the sight of the lake which includes the view of the Chapel Bridge, the Jesuit Church and the Lion Monument (built to commemorate the Swiss guards who died defending Louis XVI during the French Revolution). After our jolly sight-seeing adventure, we went around shopping for candies and chocolates and of course, Swiss watches!!!! Other than that, we also travelled up Mount Pilatus by a series of cable cars, trams and gondolas.There we admired the sweeping views of the Alps! (I've to say, fresh mountain air smells sweet!!) From the mountains, we boarded the cog-wheel train back to the base of the mountain (loved the ride!). We also had the chance to meet the Swiss local farmers. They took us on a delightful countryside tour in horse drawn carriages!! (the horses were sooooo cuteee!!) At the village, we enjoyed the stunning scenery as we trot around a typical rural community, en route to a working farm where local drinks and snacks are served. (we had home made yummylicious rum, awesome cheese and various cakes!!!)

DAY 10 - DAY 11 - DAY 12
We journeyed into France, pass the Vosges Mountains. Here we pass through the region of Burgundy, the great wine region, where we saw acres and acres of vineyard!! (now we know the reason for cheap wine in France) We arrived in Paris in the evening, and we took an evening Seine river cruise to enjoy the magnificent view of Paris in the evening. Paris is a beautiful city, not only famous for retail outlets but also for its sights and heritage. Some of the must-visit places in the heart of Paris would be the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees (shopping!) and of course some of the famous museums like the Lourve and D'orsay.
 Another 'must-visit' place just outside the city of Paris would be the Versailles palace and gardens. The palace was created by the "Sun King" Louis XVI and it became the envy of every other European ruler due to its splendor and glorious architecture! Our guide took us through the State apartments of the palace, which includes the Hall of Mirrors. The palace was really beautiful, and so was the gardens. The garden grounds was massive and one would easily get lost in there if not careful.
Well, when you're in Paris, I guess you cannot leave without having a fine dining experience with a little entertainment. Food in Paris is absolutely lovely. (I personally love French cuisine)
On our very last day, we head north from Paris across the First World War battlefields of the Somme to Calais where we took a ferry back to the White Cliff Dover. From there we went back to London.

This trip was definitely one of the trip I appreciate most, not because I managed to visit 6 countries over the span of 12 days but because it was a family trip! It reminds me of how much I do miss my parents and my siblings and how much I would really love to go home to them. After all, people always say,


Friday, May 11, 2012

Thoughts not Meant to Be

It has been 3 years and yet, 
I still constantly ask myself, why do I still think of you
I think bout all the moments we shared, both good and bad
You knew how hard it was for me
but yet, you decided not to see
I know I'm still very stuck in my past
but I once had this feeling, 'I could make it last'
I guess that was where I was very wrong
Why couldn't I throw this affection away?
Why couldn't I accept love from people who care?
Thinking of you made me feel this way
Why couldn't I pick myself up from that fall?
I ask myself that every single day
Now that I think of it, I still want to cry
Still feeling so much, 
Yet knowing it wasn't meant to be

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Friend's Memoirs

Held deep within the pages of my book of memories
are special thoughts of you
and all the evidence of wondrous things
you made, come true

As I flip through the pages of memories
and recall each and every thought,
I realize the happiness and pleasure
that knowing you has brought.

There are countless pages of memories of the times
we've shared both bright and gloomy days
there are memories of your kindness
and your friendly, thoughtful ways.

Most pages are memories of your laughter,
your gay and cheery smile
that added a bright note to each of us
and made life more worthwhile. 

There are memories of the things,
each hangout, each game, each friendly little chat,
when we would get together
and just talk of this and that.

And when I flip through these pages
as I move along life's way
they grow more precious and blessed
with every passing day.

Just a shout out to all my friends (past and present), you are very much appreciated~

Thank You for being a FRIEND through thick and thin!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Mum, Happy Mother's Day!!

Mum, I am guilty.. Guilty for only expressing how much I appreciate you on Mother's Day.. Guilty for only expressing how much I love you on your birthday.. Guilty for only expressing how much you mean to me and how I'm forever in debt for all the things you've sacrificed for me only when you're mad or angry.. Guilty for all the harsh words and all the heartaches I've caused you when our views collide more often than not.. There's virtually no words that's good enough for me to express how blessed I am that God has given me you for a mum..

Being a mum, probably isn't easy. And it probably didn't come naturally too. I couldn't imagine how much you and dad struggled to care for 3 children. I couldn't imagine the sacrifices made, the burden carried, the worries and heartaches you bear when we rebelled, the tears of joy shed when we excelled, the sleepless nights spent when we were stressed. Oh, all the emotions we'd made you go through.. 

Mum, for all the years you've spent nurturing me into who I am today, this is for you and all the mother's out there;

Her hands, they held me close and gentle from the very day I took my first breath
Her hands, they held me as I took my first step
Her hands, they wiped away the tears as they fell from my eyes
Her hands, they were there to take care of it all

Her hands were the hands who gently brushed my hair as I went to school each morning
Her hands were always there to comfort the hurts and wounds that I tried to hide
Her hands were often there to encourage me to reach out to my dreams
Her hands would praise and cheer me on when I've succeeded

Her hands are there to push me through difficulties
Her hands are there to pull me back from harm's way
Her hands are sometimes forced to discipline, to nurture
Her hands are there to shape and mould me into someone she knew I could be

Her hands, now aged through years of work
Her hands, now needs my tender care to rub away the hurt
Her hands are the most beautiful hands that means the world to me
Her hands are the reason I could be.. ME!


Monday, May 07, 2012


Yuen Mei's back!! I'm gonna revive my long forgotten blog if it's the last thing I'll do.. After exams of course~ so much to blog, so little time!~